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At Benner Metals, we take pride in our advanced punching capabilities that offer precision, reliability, and adaptability to meet a variety of project needs. Our tool of choice? The well-regarded Piranha brand ironworker, trusted for its ability to deliver cleanly punched shapes in a range of materials.

Our capabilities extend to creating base plates, crucial components in many constructions and machines, cut and punched to exact dimensions with meticulous precision. Our customer-centric approach means we also readily accept customer-provided drawing specifications, adapting our punching process to ensure the finished product aligns perfectly with your needs and expectations.

The combination of strategic planning, flexibility to handle different project requirements, and our unwavering adherence to quality standards makes our punching services a preferred choice. At Benner Metals, we see punching not just as a process, but as an opportunity to transform your design into a tangible product with the utmost accuracy and precision.

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